Song: Dave Keller Play For Love

Artist: Dave Keller
Track: Gabriella
Album: Play for Love
Genre: Blues
Videos: Gabriella Dave Keller
Bio: Dave Keller is one of the finest soul and blues men of his generation. recently said, "Dave Keller is gonna be huge!", and it's starting to seem that way. After being discoverd by legendary guitarist Ronnie Earl (at a Stevie Wonder concert, no less), Keller appeared as a singer and co-writer on Earl's BMA-nominated CD, Living In the Light. Next, blues and soul fans got to hear Keller with his own band on his all-original critically-acclaimed release Play for Love.

Dave Keller Play For Love Music Video

Download Video: Dave Keller Band performing Play for Love

The Dave Keller Band performing the title track from his most recent CD, Play for Love. Opening for Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters, Lowell Summer Music ...

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